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A high vibrational community that supports all to heal; body, mind and soul.

For Conscious SOULpreneurs, Visionary Starseeds, Trail Blazers, Leaders, Changemakers, & New Earth Builders who are ready to boldly claim their Empire…

Hello Lightworker! We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

You see... the divine journey that delivered you to this page was no random event. 

As you’re about to discover... 

There are no accidents in this Universe. 

Every major event in your life has happened for a reason, all to bring you to… 

THIS Moment… 

 Right Now 

We know your trek has been a long one… you’ve risen over obstacles… navigated rough waters… and weathered life’s heaviest storms… 

But, the fact that you are here today, is proof that a powerful transformation has already awakened deep within you, and now...

YOU, Beautiful One… Are Finally Ready....

The world is transitioning into a new age of living during this extraordinary time in the Age of Aquarius.

Plenty struggle with overcoming the hurdles involved with the ascension process, be it the experience itself, the symptoms that come or just going through the collective growing pains. There aren't many places where those lost have a place to go, where judgment resides and people can communicate freely. 

The R.I.S.E. Innerversity was started to combine healing with spiritual growth to offer complete recovery for the body, mind, and soul to those in need. We believe that true light working consists of service to others and we all came here to do it together. We believe that we are all connected, and by helping another, we help ourselves. Here is where all learn, evolve, and achieve our full potentials.

Take the opportunity to be involved with something bigger than ourselves as a whole. The joy of working together to build a New Earth in a safe container as we blossom into our authentic selves. This is the time to step into our Leadership Roles

This is a place to network, grow, receive aid, guidance, connect to your soul tribe, and more. We can come and do it together rather than divided and alone.

Our "censor-free" (we will be the censoring) community platform is for those that are on their spiritual journey. With this new transition in the world, speaking our truth gets a little bit harder. 

We wanted a place to mingle with like-minded souls who are all on the same journey to heal, body, mind, and soul, along with creating the New Earth during this Great Awakening.

⤞ New Earth Builders Business Coaching and Networking Support

⤞ Your Soul Tribe and Community

⤞ Ascension Teachings, Tools & Methods

⤞ Fifth Dimensional Family Support and Fun For The Whole Family

⤞ Sacred Circles, (groups and monthly programs that you can join)

⤞ Weekly Holistic/Spiritual COACHING

⤞ Sacred Teaching for Starseed, Lightworkers, Twin Flames, and more

 ⤞ Fifth Dimensional and High Vibrational Living

⤞ Documentaries, Videos, and Online Library System

⤞ Updates on Energetics, Astrology, Intuitive Readings, and More! 

This is a tribe of unity, helping one another achieve oneness within ourselves and together as a whole. When you join our tribe, you become part of a spiritual family.

We all have our mission is to help raise vibrations, boost the collective, and assist in rebuilding the community. It is time we RISE!

Our dream for you... 

Simply put, we want to help you transform so that you emerge into your best authentic self in a safe container while connecting with like-minded individuals here to join help rebuild a New Earth together. We want you to have the tools so that you can create the life you've dreamt of. 

We've been waiting for you to join us. So what are you waiting for?

What are some of the other practical benefits of joining?


Be part of an amazing, diverse community of like-minded people who want to help flip a plant, heal, grow and thrive while co-creating a New Earth! 

Gain access to some of the best experts and lightworkers here during the Great Awakening. 

Be the first to hear about special offers and announcements 

And do most of this for FREE!

Uplifting advice and informative given with love - Thelma Thompson

Ohh. Id def say that it is a very welcoming non-judging community that I come to for quality information that helps me on my daily journey down my life path - Tee Shizzle

I think the content is well thought out. It's a great balance of information, something for everyone. The information is grounded and real, no toxic positivity or negativity. I feel like everyone respects each other as well. Thank you for cultivating a warm and welcoming environment! - Dustin Jakes

From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU! 

Thank you so much for being part of the Garden of Enlightenment global rebuild a new earth movement. 

Your generous support will help us reach more people so we can co-collaborate and flip this planet together helping all to heal; body, mind, and soul. 

Just imagine what we can achieve together when we can celebrate our differences, and elevate each other as one collective!

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Make this your go-to social media platform where you find all your spiritual needs and tribe that just gets YOU! Welcome to our community! 

If you have any questions, please contact at [email protected] 

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Your generous support will help us reach more people so we can co-collaborate and flip this planet together helping all to heal; body, mind, and soul. 

Just imagine what we can achieve together when we can celebrate our differences, and elevate each other as one collective!

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